Our farm

Fresh from the farm to your table

We will be raising and preserving blackberries, apples, cherries, raspberries, currants, plums, elderberries, quince, pears and walnuts.

We are committed to regenerative agriculture production and creating healthy habitats for wildlife and people. As stewards of the land our goal is to produce nutritious products for our community while managing systems that will benefit the environment and future generations.

You'll get our homemade jams for breakfast or you can purchase them as a Mühlbach food gift.

Local, authentic, handmade with love

Local products

Green walnuts from our walnut trees

Full year of aging : our homemade walnut grappa. We put the green, unripened walnuts in a jar and cover them with grappa and spices. These smooth, green walnuts make up the base of our grappa and provide a beautiful, rich, caramel-brown color from their tannins.

Picking flowers for syrup

In April and May we gather elderflowers and harvest lavender in our garden to make syrups. The syrups give our cocktails and aperitifs a sweet twist.

We buy local products

We are committed to serving the highest quality, locally sourced produce possible. To that end, we work with local farmers and get the venison of our own hunt.

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