Nordic Walking

Perfect outdoor training

Nordic-Walking is quickly and easily learned, 30% of your body´s strain is released. Therefore it is especially suited for people with knee and back problems. Muscle tenseness in shoulder and neck area is relieved. Moreover, it is the optimal outdoor training for weight loss.

It is more effective than walking without sticks (burn more than 400 kcal/h instead of just 280 kcal/h). Furthermore, you feel safer walking on slippery grounds. Nordic-Walking trains your aerobe endurance and strengthens you upper body, improves cardio-vascular performance and increases the body´s supply of oxygen.

Outdoor activity
it's free
and anyone
can join

Nordic Walking Tours

Learning the basic technique

You'll receive quality instruction from our certified Instructor Raimund and you can join in the guided Nordic walking tours.

Moreover, we have the Nordic Walking poles that are perfect for you, just ready and waiting to go!



The most popular winter marathon race with about 2000 participants.

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