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Yoga - Learning to connect with yourself

"Those who learn to breathe slower, live longer".

The key to vitality is the balance of body, mind and soul. In high-quality ambience you will experience yoga closely and intense. The Turnwerkstatt Passau offers a unique opportunity to have a challenging yoga class without having to forego the advantages of a top hotel. Whether you are a beginner or advanced: under the instruction of Frank-André Berkel you will move two steps higher.

Why Yoga?
Stress reduction, fat burning, thyroid regulation, blood pressure regulation, metabolic harmonization, rheumatism relief, gastrointestinal tract relief, hormone balance stabilization, detoxification, muscle toning, fat loss and the balance of the psyche are just some of the benefits of yoga.

Frank-André Berkel is leading courses in dance, fitness and martial arts for over twenty years. After a dance training at the Russian Bilozerova, training of various martial arts such as Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu, he was trained in standard and latin dances as well as rock and roll, acrobatics and physical therapy.

  • 1980 German champion in vaulting
  • 1982 and 84 South German champion in high diving
  • 1984 runner-up at the German Breakdance Championship
  • 1986 and 88 world champion in show dancing
  • 1986 German champion in Freestyle

Today, Frank-André Berkel focuses on BodyArt yoga. The holistic aspects of muscle training and relaxation meet his ideals of a body and mind balancing sport. Since the German actress Ursula Karven took him to Mallorca in 2006 as a yoga teacher to the exclusive Yoga Studio "Yogayou", Frank-André lives on the sunny island and supports the customers as a trainer, masseur, and teacher.

Tagesablauf / Stundenplan

Teilnahme am 2-Tages-Seminar „BODY ART YOGA“
- Lerne, dich mit dir selbst zu verbinden -


1. Tag individuelle Anreise bis 17:00
17:30 Einleitung und Einführung durch den Dozenten (ca. 1 Std.)
mit anschließendem Praxisteil zum Thema „Atmung-Pranayama“ (ca. 1 Std.)
2. Tag 10:00 bis 12:30 Praxissequenz I - 14:00 bis 17:00 Praxissequenz II
3. Tag 9:30 bis 12:00 Praxissequenz III - 13:30 bis 16:00 PraxissequenzIV
danach Abreise

26.11. bis 28.11.2014
ab EUR 399,- pro Person

28.11. bis 30.11.2014
ab EUR 419,- pro Person


Je nach Art der Unterrichtseinheiten werden verschiedene Atemübungen, Meditationen und Energieübungen gelehrt. Veranstalter ist die Turnwerkstatt Passau unter Leitung von Sylva Neiber.


Buchung unter Tel. 08531/278-0 oder Online.