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Bring innovative scientific knowledge in harmony with the forces of nature - this philosophy is based on the successful concept of quality dermo- cosmetic care lines of REVIDERM skintelligence  In the center of regeneration treatments is microdermabrasion at REVIDERM. Originally developed for the medical field it is today the perfection of scrubs and offers solutions to many skin problems.

How your skin looks tomorrow – you decide today

Sounds a bit like the secret of the stars of Hollywood - but it is a simple, effective method of treatment . Perfect for everyone from 40 who want to appear younger and fresher.

Reviderm sets out to stimulate the skin's own regenerative powers and enable thus to achieve a long lasting result . Effect: This treatment is equivalent to a gentle, intensive exfoliation with a depth effect. The uppermost horny layer is gently removed and the skin cells are rebuilt with the help of cosmetic active ingredients. It activates the skin's own regeneration forces.

We also like to use this method as a rejuvenation treatment for sagging and blemished skin.

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Whether blemished skin, loss of tension, slackened connective tissue - the positive change with ultrasonic will inspire you.

Ultrasonic completes and intensifies the effect of treatment and increases cell metabolism. Your skin is purified, smoothed and streamlined.

Lifting ultrasound treatment
A forty minute short treatment , cleaning, Ampoule and includes ultrasound . 
The fast Beauty Express with immediate effect.
40 Min
59,00 €