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Body wraps/peelings


Make use of the healing powers of nature

The solution, in which the cotton wraps are soaked for body wraps, contains the following natural ingredients: Vital Earth, derived from loess, which contains many minerals and trace elements.

The solution has absorbent properties and robs the skin-damaging substances. These can be stored directly in the fine layers of healing earth and so can be removed from the body.
Salt from the Dead Sea at Safi Valley, where the Dead Sea is at its purest and the magnesium content is highest.

Ägyptos Vitality Bodywrap

Experience a completely new feeling! Healing Earth is famous for its absorbing effect: It can take up toxic substances from the skin. Cellulite and stretch marks are visibly improved. Warm, eudermic cotton bandages are fit around your body, and problematic body parts (stomach, bottom, thighs upper arms) are especially improved. A treatment with exceptional results. Very strong decrease of the extent, and very detoxifying. It improves body shape and only after one treatment you will see and feel a difference.

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Soft Pack - weightlessly relaxed
Using the soft pack system you are completely relaxed, it is like a bed of soft clouds. The previously applied pack of your choice can act in the depth intensively and uniformly by the well-tempered heat. Body wraps are based on heat and high-quality nutrients that nourish the skin. The packs will improve the circulation, detoxify the body and give new vigor and energy.

Evening primrose oil Body Package

Treatment with mandarin oil and honey

This delightfully sweetly smelling cream from fine evening primrose oil and mandarin oil maintains carefully the sensitive and dry skin and donates at the same time important vitamins, nutrients and humidity.

ca. 40 Min
35,00 €

Ziegenbutter Cremepackung

Wirkung: Sehr stark pflegend, unterstützt die Selbstheilung der Haut, liefert Vitamine und Mineralstoffe

ca. 40 Min
32,00 €

detoxifying packaging

A fresh algae paste with cold-pressed grape-seed oil and ethereal mint and sage oil provides an effective purification and cleaning of the body. The skin feels smoothed and freshly. An optimum treatment to firm up cellulite.

ca. 40 Min
39,00 €

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The Alpienne wellness philosophy corresponds to high-quality natural products for which arnica, marmot oil, chamomile, marigold, St. John's wort and propolis are used as active ingredients. Each product is purely natural and without additives.

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Basisches Körperpeeling

Ingredients: vanilla oil

Effect: invigorating, centralising, grounding. Helps recharge and store energy.

ca. 40 Min
32,00 €

Entgiftende Heilkreide Packung

Ingredients: salt, honey, birch leaves, juniper, orange oil

Effect: purifying, detoxifying, draining, strengthen the connective tissue, blood circulation-supporting, metabolism stimulating

ca. 50 Min
42,00 €

Zirbenöl Cremepackung

Ideal bei trockener, empfindlicher Haut, bei Schlafstörungen und innerer Unruhe.

ca. 40 Min
35,00 €