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Dr. Prex: General practitioner and spa doctor

An ideal spa holiday brings mind and body into balance -  I support you in all matters relating your health during your stay in Bad Fussing.

As a specialist in general medicine and as a spa doctor I am familiar with the requirements of a successful and sustainable Spa Treatment.
Please contact me in advance of your Spa holiday, so we can discuss and plan your individual therapy as its best. Of course we can make an appointment also after your Check-in. All treatments are designed to
be easily continued at home after your stay in Bad Füssing.

You may find all information  www.dr-prex.de

I look forward to your visit.


Oxygenate autohaemotherapy

hematogenous oxidation therapy (HOT)

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per treatment
79,00 €

Oxygen multistep therapy

by Prof. von Ardenne

about 75 min per treatment
55,00 €

about 30 minutes
40,00 €

Special treatment for osteoarthritis

With several biological cartilage tissues . Number of injection after inflammation and degree of wear

per injection
21,00 €

in 10 injections
190,00 €

Fresh thymus extract therapy THX

according to Dr. Sandberg

In osteoporosis , biological cancer therapy, cancer treatment , chronic liver and bowel disease , allergies , asthma, chronic bronchitis , rheumatism , strengthen the immune system in menopausal symptoms and chronic diseases

Single treatment
50,00 €

with 10 treatments
480,00 €

Construction infusions

To stimulate metabolism, brain metabolism and to improve circulation, strengthen the immune system and to treat fatigue

per infusion
60,00 €

Revitalization therapy

If you feel exhausted and worn out by excessive demands in everyday life or after illness . Fill up again
new strength.
5x THX thymus
3x special infusions with individually
drugs used
3x HOT oxygen Autohemotherapy

5 - day treatment
515,00 €


Do you suffer from rheumatic troubles , wear and tear of the joints, the spine or the muscles?
Then is recommended to :
3x individual Nauraltherapie
( Therapeutic local anesthesia )
3x injections with formic acid,
Magnesium and vitamins
1x Autohemotherapy
2x HOT oxygen Autohemotherapy

5 - day treatment
397,00 €

Cardiovascular therapy

Weak hearts are young again. The rhythm stabilizes , the heart pumps more blood and you feel to be
Years younger !
3x HOT oxygen Autohemotherapy
3x THX thymus

complete price
375,00 €