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Coffee break and snack stop tour

You start at the village square in Safferstetten and follow the Bachstraße on the right until you see the small roundabout. Before you take the bike path on the right and go through an underpass. Then half left to Dürnöder Weg. You pass the bus depot Eichberger and follow the road to Dürnöd. Here the path turns to the left, you pass a historical farmhouse, go through a small wood and you reach a junction and continue to the left. Go ahead on the bike path, through an underpass straight into Kirchham town. The path leads past the church and from the church square you go straight into Gg.Ettlinger Straße. You pass the local area and then follow the note "Aigen / Irching" in the Aigner Straße. You go on the bike path towards Irching on to the hamlet Zanklöd. Here you follow the note "Egglfing 3 km" and go straight through to the outskirts of Egglfing. Vis-à-vis to the crossroad (Egglfing-Irching) the road on the right leads to the Innkraftwerk and to the Inn river. You should enjoy the view of the reservoir and bird island and then follow 2 km to the small viewing platform. On the way back you have a splendid panorama of the Innkraftwerk and Obernberg. The road leads back to Egglfing. Now you can have a stop for refreshment in a beer garden – you deserve it! And from there it goes back to the starting point to Safferstetten.

Start: Safferstetten
Length: 25 km
Duration: 2 hours (without stop)