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Bridal chapel

Located on the third floor, our chapel is a popular place to tie the knot. Take a couple of minutes for a reflective moment. Our chapel is a spot to meditate and to be thankful for the good things in our lives.

Many times the little things decide on our well-being, and it is them that make this place home.

Wedding day green wedding
1 year cotton wedding
5 years wooden wedding
6 1/2 years tinny wedding
7 years coppery wedding
8 years metallic wedding
10 years rose wedding
12 1/2 years      parsley wedding
15 years glass wedding
20 years porcelain wedding
25 years silver wedding
30 years perl wedding
35 years canvas wedding
37 1/2 years aluminum wedding
40 years ruby wedding
50 years golden wedding
60 years diamond wedding
65 years steely wedding
67 1/2 years stony wedding
70 years mercy wedding
75 years crown jewels wedding