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Bear Tour

From the hotel's parking space it goes into the Jägerweg, and at the end of the town through the underpass. On the bike path to Pichl until you arrive Pichl chapel. Here the intersection is crossed towards Aigen, then again you cross the road Kirchham-Egglfing. After that the small place “Holzhäuser” comes into view, but before that the road branches off to the right towards the forest and the road Kirchham-Irching. Turn left and a few hundred meters towards Irching. You pass the small picnic area and then turn right into the forest path (barrier can be bypassed). Here the path leads straight to the bear enclosure. You pass the viewing platform and then the entrance to the Bear Park. Up to this point you are driven 6.5 kilometers (35 min). The journey continues on the road to Hart. After the town sign you go to the left towards Aigen. On the road it goes to St. Leonhard church and from there to the left to the Römerweg. You pass the sports field (on the right) and the Leonhardi Museum (on your left) in the Penninger Weg (1 hr - 10 km). Go to the right to Aigener Straße and to the bike path on the left (outskirts) to the roundabout towards Irching. The path leads through the village. At the end of the village, continue along the cycle path (right) on to Egglfing, in the Obere Inntalstraße. You come to the center. You go through Egglfing until the bike path leads across the street to the left, and from there to the underpass just before Auto Augenstein (on the right). Follow the note "to Würding" until you reach the diversion Wies/Riedenburg (on the left). The trail takes you over a creek bridge and you pass between two farms straight ahead to Riedenburg (Inntalstraße). Go to the left and pass the Riedenburger Schloßgarten. The cycle path vis-à-vis leads towards Safferstetten.